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There's Power in Tribe; A Review Of The Superhero Academy Mastermind

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As I sit down at the dining room table to write this the sun begins to rise, the morning mist dissipates and the light starts to shine in through the living room window. It seems such a stark contrast from the previous month in Costa Rica.

A month where walls and silence were essentially non-existent. A month where "alone" meant you were using the bathroom, and even then you might have had company through the bamboo walls. :P A month filled with connection, magic, confrontation, development, experiences, heat, and alignment.

It's always a challenge integrating back into the everyday after the intensity of experiences that come with an event like the Superhero Academy Mastermind and Envision.

It’s the moments, like these two events, in which the importance of community, of tribe, becomes so apparent. Individually we can, and do, go about our paths. We can read, learn, create, etc. However, it’s when we come together in community that the true potential of our beings comes to light. Yes, we are all powerful in our own right, but time and time again I see exponential impact created when heroes come together and co-create.

This recent event was no exception.

The Tribe at Punta Mona

The Mastermind: A Testing Of The Tribe

It started at Punta Mona where we gathered as 100 individuals, ready to come together and share our masteries and mastermind the creation of impactful communities, the creation of change. However, there were different plans in store for us. What started with a ceremony led by the I AM team, in which we all set personal intentions to release a shadow which didn’t serve us and fully step into a superpower we could contribute to the group. We had no idea of the chain reaction we had initiated as the sacred fire burned our intentions to the ashes so they could rise up and come into their full glory over the next couple days.

I can’t even begin to describe the repercussions of that simple ceremony. The next days were filled with meeting one another not only in knowledge, and kindness, but in anger, processing, aggression, love, limitations and liberations. There was laughter, tears, yelling, hugging, playfulness and music. All this leading each one of us to step into a new level of our power.

  • Energy Healers healed current and ancient wounds.
  • Healers healed the physical using plants and oils.
  • Coaches coached individuals to a new level of being.
  • Writers helped us put words to an experience we otherwise would never be able to explain.
  • Musicians put sounds to the emotions we were unable to express in words.
  • Artists painted our bodies with the markings of growth, softness and strength. Of change.
  • Warriors stepped into their full power.

By the end of the four days at Punta Mona, that is what we all are.

No single individual is left untouched. We all accepted the challenge of change and were leaving a better version of ourselves in some way, shape or form.

What better way to celebrate these changes, than to dance and play together in the jungles on the other side of the country, just a short boat, bus, plane, and one more bus-ride away! ;)

The Envision Festival: Sharing Our Wisdom

Upon arrival in Uvita, it's like entering a different realm. You would have never been able to tell just 3 weeks prior this started out as a left-behind tiny house, some bamboo and a stage that looked like its best days were behind it.

In front of the Freedom Culture stage at Envision.

The Freedom Culture Camp we are welcomed by is a different story.
The tiny house is now home to DropZone, a wellness lounge from which tonics, oils, and aroma therapy treatments are offered to those who visit our camp.
There is a beautiful treehouse where we can sit/lay in the comfort of shade and hangout or listen to the ted-style talks given each day, and is home to many a cuddle puddle over the weekend. And then there is the podcast booth and the stage, from which some of the best and brightest shared their wisdom and presented their mastery.

The Freedom Culture Camp was beautiful, vibrant and lively, and being filled with 130+ souls (plus some "strays" who slept scattered about in front of and even on the stage, and some that slept in the treehouse).

Over the course of the festival so many key codes and downloads would be dispensed. We hosted 45+ speakers and workshops from the stage, 30+ podcast interviews, a cacao ceremony, and multiple concerts, and a comedy act! It was nothing short of magical.
The change and power we had all stepped into as a community was now being dispersed into the world. Our tribe was spreading from our camp all over the festival.

On the final night, I look around me and it becomes so apparent how, when a tribe comes together beauty happens. I'm surrounded on the dance floor by "my people", I stop dancing long enough to look at the stage and everyone up there is a part of our tribe. The performers, the photographers, the videographers... We are literally everywhere.

Gone, Gone, Beyond closing night on the mainstage (and the rest of our tribe filling the left side of the crowd)

While so many things didn't go as planned, and we may not have 'masterminded' the way we had intended to this year, it was still a gathering of heroes. There's no turning back from the impact this event will have on the world. New partnerships have started, creators are coming together and co-creating brilliance, wisdom is being shared, codes downloaded, containers created, impact made.

The ripples of impact are expanding with a velocity and power that can honestly only be described as waves of impact.

Curious as to how you can join the tribe or find out more?
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