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Software That Brings You Together – Collaboration Tools That Your Business Needs ASAP!

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Anyone who has ever made it big in business will be able to tell you that there’s nothing and no one more important than your team and the ability to work together. In fact, Warren Buffet himself has stated that having first-rate people is on the team is the most important thing.

But even the best set of people might have a hard time getting each other to listen. Solving this problem is easy enough. Modernity has ensured that brilliant minds have already developed the collaboration tools that your business needs. Below is a list of some of the best available today.

1. Slack

Collaborate With Slack

Slack is an amazing workplace communication tool which has an instant messaging system as well as other add-ins. You have channels (group chats) and even direct messaging (DMs). It might sound a lot like WhatsApp, but in Slack, you can set reminders, add notifications, and have a lot more control in the work processes. It's a great communication tool to create a genuine workplace environment!

2. Frame.io

Collaborate Video Editing With Frame.io

Videos are becoming the content king in recent times. Well, to enhance your videos, you have to collaborate with different people within your own company. Plus, you require constant feedback from clients too. Frame.io is just the way to go. It creates a video workflow environment which ensures accelerated feedback, cloud-based secured storage and FAST processing. It's an absolute delight to introduce it into your workplace.

3. Standuply

Manage your team using Standuply

When you are handling a large team, you need a proper team management tool. A tool that can help with the meetings, help you receive task reports and keep you updated. Standuply is the tool you are looking for. It delivers all of these efficiently and can be even integrated with Slack. A perfect tool for managing your team.

4. ClickUp

Project Management Becomes Easy With Clickup

Daily tasks, targets, goals, projects and deadlines - managing everything simultaneously is such a hassle. Clickup is just the thing for you. Clickup is a great project management tool which divides your tasks in a clutter-free manner, assigns them, gives you reminders, and on the whole, keeps you productive. Project management has never been this easy!

5. Storychief.io

Collaborate Writing with Storychief.io

The traditional way of writing is Google Docs. Yes, you can share and collaborate, but isn't it all a hassle? Storychief.io helps you write, collaborate with other writers, and activate proper SEO in one single place. You can even search for stock images without shifting to other tabs. Storychief.io just makes your writing experience so much smoother.

Here are a few more software recommendations:

6. Sketch

Get Your Designs Right With Sketch

For all you designers out there, Sketch is the collaboration tool that your business needs. You won’t find a better option for creating design prototypes with maximum speed and minimal fuss. It can directly link the web design phase and the web development phase. And can also create symbols and custom groups that you can use in multiple pages at the same time. Teams can share their ideas with each other and make changes in real-time. The only drawback is that Sketch is available only for Mac users.

7. GoVisually

Get Together With Your Design Team With GoVisually

An advanced visual collaboration tool, the team can directly share information with clients who can then comment and mark annotations on their work. Even if multiple revisions are made, GoVisually retains all the older versions and you can flip between them whenever necessary. If a lot of people are working on one page, each one gets a different layer assigned to them which the others can view whenever they choose to. All in all this tool reduces chaos and keeps everyone on the same page.

It has been effectively proven that using collaboration tools such as these has a huge positive impact on businesses. Less time is wasted and information sharing is brought to maximum efficiency. So get your people together and get started on finding which one is right for you!

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