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6 Digital Nomad Life Hacks To Ace The Nomad Game

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Want to be a digital nomad? We know - it’s like the dream of many millennial workers. Working remotely while travelling seems like a delightful prospect. You don’t lose out on your ‘life’ working in a 5-9 job within 4 walls. Neither do you become a vagabond. You earn money while enjoying different cultures and going through different adventures. However, if you want to be a digital nomad, it's best to learn some digital nomad life hacks.

The power of the internet is just magnificent, isn’t it? Well, being a digital nomad has its own challenges too. You have to keep certain hacks in mind and integrate them into your everyday life to become a successful digital nomad. Or else, you will only regret this lifestyle. Here are a few digital nomad life hacks that will make your digital nomad lifestyle so much better:

1. Keep Digital Copies Of Your Documents

When you are travelling a lot, you will have to carry and deal with a lot of paperwork. You need to have these documents on you physically since most airports and checkpoints will ask for a physical passport, ID proof, etc. However, keep digital copies of all your documents and also, keep it in Cloud Storage. Important documents like your passport, accommodation details, flight details, job contacts, medical history, etc. should be present in softcopy too.

2. Access To Money

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Of course, when you are travelling, you require a proper financial source. However, not all banks will allow uninformed withdrawal of money. If your bank is not informed and you try to use your cash card outside your country, it can get blocked. Hence, most digital nomads go for virtual banking or smart banking. You can go for Starling or Monzo since they do not charge fees for foreign transactions. You can also opt for multi-currency cash cards.

3. Digital Security

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When you are a digital nomad, public Wi-fi can be a lifesaver. However, it has its cons too. Public Wi-Fis do not have proper encryption. When you conduct transactions or open up any client details, you become exposed to hackers. So, try installing a virtual private network to ensure that you are hidden with an extra layer of encryption. It’s a great way to keep working remotely and securely.

4. Keeping A Handy Power Bank

In many places, electricity is a privilege. When you are travelling, there is always a chance that you end up in a place where the electricity fluctuates. One of the many important digital nomad life hacks is that you have to be self-sufficient. You cannot rely on erratic electricity. Arm yourself with a power bank so that you can at least keep your phone or laptop charged for a day or two. At least, you will get your work done.

5. Minimalism FTW!

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Travel light is a piece of great advice for travellers. But it is also one of the essential digital nomad life hacks. As a digital nomad, you will be travelling most of the time. Plus, you will be working. You really won’t have time to unpack useless things and repack them every once in a while. Rather, the best thing to do is to go minimalistic. Only go for necessities and keep everything light. It will be worth it.

6. Maintaining A Proper Work-Life Balance

Maintaining a work-life balance is a constant problem for a digital nomad. Since you do not work in an office, you don’t have fixed work hours. You can take your own breaks and get back to work in your own time as long as you can deliver within the deadline. And the result of all this is that - you don’t have a healthy work-life balance. Either you become a workaholic and try to seek more opportunities to gain more money. Or you procrastinate and end up working late nights.

One of the pro digital nomad life hacks is to actively shut down work when you are not working. Use timer apps to check how much time you take while doing one work. Shut down all email notifications once you get out of work. Use the Pomodoro method to increase productivity and ‘Work fast’. Take an active step to bring a proper work-life balance.

Implement these digital nomad life hacks in your digital nomad life and you can achieve the proper professional life and personal life balance that you seek.

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