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How Can You Make Money Through Your Creativity?

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Do you often live in the world of music and literature? Do your friends often tell you, ‘You are really talented. This corporate world is not for you’? Well, perhaps you are one of the few creative souls present in the world. The world has witnessed many creative people all over. But there are few who make the mark. Is your creative side the famous kind?

Many creative people, even famous ones, have mentioned that their life has been measured in struggles. J. K. Rowling, the now-millionaire, had her tryst with poverty too. Her critically acclaimed Harry Potter series was rejected over 10 times. Financial struggles are a part and parcel of a creative career. But your creative side can help you.

With the internet, it is much easier to get money from your creativity. If you are a designer or a writer, you can easily make money using the power of the internet. Here are some of the ways in which you can make more money using your creative side:

1. Blogging

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Do you love to write? Even if you don’t, do you wish to share your art form with other people? Then, the best way to go forward is by blogging. Through blogs, you can convey interesting stories regarding your art and even share your work. While the internet is full of blog posts, people are always up for a new, unique writing style. You could be the one offering that. Keep your content short and crisp (300-500 words) and post regularly. If you are too busy, then ensure that you post at least once every two days.

2. Selling Creation

Blankets and Scarfs in the works

If you like to paint or make innovative designs, then you can use the internet to sell the art form online. You can create your own jewelry or create an innovative product using your crochet. Since most creative vision is unique, you can reach the heart of the people with your unique creative side. After advertising them on Instagram or your blog, you can start selling them in online marketplaces, like Etsy.

3. Art Pieces

Close up of brushes on a canvas covered in red and yellow paint

Most people love art. If you cross a painting gallery, there is a high chance that you will get mesmerized by some kind of painting. The same is true online. There are many people who showcase their art pieces online and mesmerize the audience. However, just like an art store has to build a reputation, you have to create an online presence. So, start advertising by using social media and Instagram. After that, you can start selling your art pieces too.

4. Starting Your Own Clothes Line

Clothing Rack

Interested in fashion designing? Fashion is always changing and people just love to add something unique to their wardrobe. Fashion designing needs the right portion of both artistic vision and science. If you are into fashion designing, you can create your own style of clothing. Get creative and promote a purpose with your fashion lineup. You can even sell these using online stores.

5. Selling Your Photos

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Are you in love with Instagram? You might have a lot of followers, and whenever you post a photograph, it gets thousands of likes. Yep, you are probably on Cloud 9. It’s clear that your photography is being appreciated by people all over the globe. Time to monetize it a bit. Start selling your photographs. You can even set up a photography business online.

6. Writing An Ebook

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Has your blog got a lot of likes? People are just digging what you write? Now, you are mulling over a full-fledged novel but you don’t know whether you should publish it online or not. Well, you can publish it as an Ebook. It’s the same as traditional publishing, only it will be paperless and environment-friendly. You can also sell it over the internet.

7. Be A Social Media Influencer

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Influencing is a creative act, even if people do not see it like that. You have to use creative ways to propose a theory or your view. Your voice needs to reach out to the hearts of the people, not just their phone screens. Influencing is tough. Along with Instagram, you also need to get your hashtag game on point. If people are interested in your voice and your opinions, then you can become a social media influencer. Become famous on Instagram and rule the social media world!

8. Setting Up Online Courses

Do you think that you have gained expertise in something? If so, you might wish to teach other people the same art and pass on the knowledge. For some side money, you can teach an online course. If you have the teaching experience, the proper degree, and many followers, then you can choose to teach your creative side to another person. It will help to boost your business as well.

9. Writing Songs

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Musicians have to struggle a lot with their work. Musicians are generally a pool of talent - they can compose music, play different musical instruments, write songs, etc. However, they have to struggle a lot. With the internet though, you can land small gigs where your songwriting skills can be used. You can write songs for advertising agencies or internet channels. Create your own blog and have a few musical pieces stored in it. Maybe have a YouTube channel too. SoundCloud can be a great place to start.

10. Gigs

While you might wish to go solo, at first, financial constraints will eat you up. But the best thing is, if you have a reasonable following, what you offer is being admired by someone. That means you do have clients who require your services. You can make money by working for a client and doing certain work like writing a review of a painting or a restaurant. Gigs can get you a lot of money in the short term.

So, use your creative side and earn money. You will not be exhausted from the work you love doing!

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You can also learn more about using your creativity to be an entrepreneur by watching this video.

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